INplaza at Agrofuturo

Henry Gomez Events

Throughout the year Medellín hosts various important trade shows like Colombiatex and Colombiamoda. Another one is Agrofuturo, which in September 2017, reunited agriculture producers, livestock farmers and service agencies within the trade industry.

As VP of business relations I was excited to be there talking with many of these companies, engaging them in what INplaza really is.

Innovation is part of INplaza, and I found some really interesting companies that also consider innovation important. From eco-friendly pallets to avocado ice cream, but most companies actually lacked innovative techniques and were quite drawn to our idea.

I met Benjamín, a Hass avocado farmer who has been exporting his product to Europe, he told me how excited he was about soon being allowed to export his great avocados to the United States for the first time. A country where the importation of commercially produced fresh Hass avocado from Colombia has been prohibited in the past by the American regulations. This shows how Colombia is making sure of being on the right track to follow international regulations in regards to agricultural trade, achieving a position among the important players in the food supply chain.

As mentioned before, we want to provide buyers with a great variety of agricultural products, Colombia offers a huge potential for us to do so. Tropical fruits, vegetables and different types of great coffee are just some examples of products with high demand worldwide.

We are so excited to join Agrofuturo again in August 2018 in Bogotá. We intend to build potential partnerships and increase our customer base with the 300 companies that will participate during this edition.

As a Colombian I am very grateful for the opportunity to be VP of business relations. Being part of a company that can provide a better future for Colombia.
Let’s put Colombia on the map of international trade. Here, there, today and tomorrow.

Here you can watch a video of our last visit at Agrofuturo in 2017: