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Negotiate your contracts online

INplaza importers and exporters can easily specify their needs. Manage and negotiate your contracts with our intelligent contract system in a comfortable and secure way.


INplaza standard contracts are prepared by respected international trade legal experts. They are user-friendly and highly customizable.

While the contracts are designed to avoid complicated terminology, they are still highly enforceable.


All signed INplaza intelligent contracts are digitally stored and encrypted on multiple servers. Only the counterparties of the INplaza contract will ever have access to these signed contracts. 

Save money and time

Cost Savings

Due to the streamlined processing of the contracts and the removal of intermediaries (lawyers and brokers), companies can expect faster turn-arounds on making deals and reduced administrative costs.


INplaza intelligent contracts can be automated so that certain actions can be triggered (i.e. payments) upon certain predefined conditions been met (i.e. delivery of goods). This means less time following up and more time finding new partners.